Employee Assistance Programme, UK and global

Enlighten specialise in Global Employee Assistance Programme services as your EAP account manager. Saving you time, we review the EAP market for humanitarian, charity, business and social enterprise organisations.

Global Employee Assistance Programme Services

We offer you an EAP review and account management service providing employee assistance programme proposals to any interested organisation. As an independent company and an active Employee Assistance Programme Association (EAPA) member we operate to high quality service standards. And for small organisations with up to seventy employees considering a prompt cost effective EAP solution visit Enlighten Essential EAP a combined EAP package to buy online.

An EAP is flexible and can be combined for better value with other employee benefits. We can combine

  • EAP and health cash plans,
  • EAP with employee wellbeing
  • EAP and OH packages; EAP and occupational health in one easy contract.

Global employee assistance programme support is sourced with the best blend of local and central EAP services.

EAP improves employee resilience

New research has shown 8 to 1 return on investment.  Managing stress absence and global wellbeing in today’s business environment is tough on Human Resources and Enlighten can help you through each step of the process. We work to quality standards of the UK EAPA and EASSN. Please call us now on 01344 207 430 and lets have a chat.


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Why choose Enlighten?

Save hours of your time. Improve the return on investment.
Implement new EAP services for 2017-18
Negotiate terms to ensure best value for you and your organisation.
Increase and explain uptake of your employee assistance programme.
Match your EAP needs for UK, European and International employees.
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"I have been very surprised as to how beneficial the service has been to my well being and my outlook is much more positive"
EAP Service User
"Many thanks again for your contributions yesterday"
County Council. Head of Occupational health and safety
"The most difficult part was actually accepting I would benefit from the service. Once the call was made and the first session attended it became easier. I am very glad I took advantage of this service."
EAP Service User
"I would recommend anyone to use this service preferably before they need to have sick time due to stress levels."
Corporate client, EAP user
"With EAP we are hearing positives and some individuals have sought HR ought to express how good they feel the EAP is"
HR advisor, Small business
"We really appreciate the EAP and how it shows how we support our people"
Operations Director
"Enlighten offer a great service! They made setting up an EAP extremely easy and cost effect. We are a small business that have used them for a number of years and would recommend them to anyone. An excellent service with extremely helpful staff!"
HR Director
"One of those company benefits you don't appreciate at all until you actually need it - then it is invaluable."
EAP Service User
"We would have no hesitation in awarding future contracts to the Company"
HR Manager, University
"When challenges arose, Enlighten always displayed willingness to take ownership of issues and actively manage and resolve them"
VP HR Education Sector

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