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Recognising Stress – EAP can help

Recognising Stress – EAP can help Change is the major factor when stress occurs. If we consider a time when we have ourselves been under stress, such as just before a deadline, often we behave differently than we normally would. We can become short-tempered, agitated, aggressive and pre-occupied. It can be difficult to notice differences […]

Our client feedback beats benchmarks

enlighten client feedback Client feedback is invaluable to us here at Enlighten. Below are a few quotes from our current clients: “I have some very happy staff now.” NHS London HR business partner “Many thanks again for your contributions yesterday.” County Council. Head of Occupational health and safety “Thank you for all your support.” Chief […]

mental health
Mental health at work 2017

Lunch and learn training Lunch ‘n’Learn sessions are short seminars lasting for one hour. Managers are increasingly expected have an active role regarding mental health in the workplace. Being alert to symptoms, to be able to initiate a conversation with the employee, keep in touch during a leave of absence, and facilitate the employee’s return […]

eap roi
EAPs are effective with good ROI

Research commissioned by the UK Employee Assistance Professionals Association confirms the effectiveness of counselling through EAPs to support and promote employee health and wellbeing and reduce levels of psychological distress in the workplace. The UK EAPA study, undertaken in partnership with CORE IMS, reviews the outcome of over 28,000 EAP counselling interventions. The findings indicate […]

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The expanding role of EAP

When two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15 2014, dozens of police and medical personnel rushed to the scene. In the weeks and months that have followed since the blasts—which left three dead and hundreds wounded—nurses, doctors and surgeons have also played a critical role in the victims’ […]