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Recognising Stress – EAP can help

Recognising Stress – EAP can help Change is the major factor when stress occurs. If we consider a time when we have ourselves been under stress, such as just before a deadline, often we behave differently than we normally would. We can become short-tempered, agitated, aggressive and pre-occupied. It can be difficult to notice differences […]

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Mental health at work 2017

Lunch and learn training Lunch ‘n’Learn sessions are short seminars lasting for one hour. Managers are increasingly expected have an active role regarding mental health in the workplace. Being alert to symptoms, to be able to initiate a conversation with the employee, keep in touch during a leave of absence, and facilitate the employee’s return […]

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The expanding role of EAP

When two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on April 15 2014, dozens of police and medical personnel rushed to the scene. In the weeks and months that have followed since the blasts—which left three dead and hundreds wounded—nurses, doctors and surgeons have also played a critical role in the victims’ […]

5 tips for coping with mental health problems at work

An informative, quick read article 5 ways to help cope with mental health problems at work

EAP Counselling Case Study – Work-life balance

PROBLEM: New working hours affected client’s relationship and work-life balance SOLUTION: Face-to-face counselling helped address these challenges   A restructuring was announced in the office where Pari worked, which meant several changes to shift patterns and working hours. Pari contacted the EAP, as she had young children and was struggling to balance her new working […]

One in four employees suffer with stress

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EAP Counselling Case Study – Relationship problems

PROBLEM: Young couple with relationship problems SOLUTION: Couples counselling enabled them to get back on track Stefan e-mailed the service as he and his partner had been together for eight years, since they were both 17. They’d stayed together despite going to different colleges and universities and after graduating, moved to London together for him […]

Depression – The Secret We Share
HR update – EAP Can Help With Eldercare Choices

EAP Can Help With Eldercare Choices It’s important to understand the financial, practical and emotional support available to you and the person you care for, commonly known as Eldercare. You or the person you care for may be entitled to some financial support. There are many different information sources to help you find out if […]

Excellent resource for mental health

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