EAP and OH package

Combining EAP and Occupational Health is a natural link for employers. The package offers great value and the services you need to help employee’s stay on top.

  1. EAP, a high quality employee assistance programme
  2. New starter health questionnaire
  3. 24-7 phone line for any health information
  4. Case management
  5. Physiotherapy support

There are EAP and OH packages for great value and pricing for up to 50 employees and pricing for up to 100 employees

1. EAP, a 24-7 employee assistance programme.

All the key features of the high quality EAP and OH package together. EAP benefits include;

Available to employees and their immediate families, the Employee Assistance Programme is a confidential telephone advice service. Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, this service provides advice and reassurance over a wide range of issues to help your employees remain happy and proactive in their work.

Just some of the subjects that can be discussed include:

  • anxiety, stress and depression
  • bereavement
  • financial and legal concerns
  • family and matrimonial advice
  • support and guidance for personnel management

2. New starter health questionnaire

To help your business ensure that a new employee is fit to undertake their proposed role, New Starter Health Questionnaire provides an online health assessment adapted for your workplace and industry.

Based on this information, we’ll let your nominated HR contact know within one working day whether a new employee is suitable for their role without adjustments or we’ll work with you to find an appropriate solution for the needs of both your business and new employee.

3. Health and support information line

Offering 24 hour a day, 365 days a year access to unlimited phone consultations with our fully qualified nursing team, Health and support line provides ‘always there’ advice and support
for employees and their immediate families.

This way, your employee can receive advice and reassurance right away rather than take time off to attend a GP appointment or be distracted from their work by unresolved worries.

4. Case Management 

When an employee is absent due to sickness or has a health problem that’s impacting their work, it can be difficult to know what the right course of action should be. Case Management focuses on finding the most effective route back to work for your employee whilst simultaneously helping to protect your business against potential liabilities and the cost of extended absence.

An assigned and dedicated Occupational Health Specialist will conduct a remote assessment to identify the specific issues preventing your employee from returning to work. Providing clinically robust advice and support – including guidance to appropriate treatment – our Occupational Health Specialist will also co-ordinate, manage and report remotely on every case right through
to resolution. This way, you can be sure that your legal and moral responsibilities are being fulfilled at every stage of the journey.

5. Physio support line 

A telephone-based physiotherapy service created to offer your employees fast and easy
access to expert advice about musculoskeletal problems such as knee and back pain. With no need to take time off to receive a GP referral, your employee simply calls to arrange a telephone consultation with a qualified physiotherapist. If we can help your employee, they will receive specific advice and guidance which may include a programme of tailored self management
exercises, as well as up to four follow-up calls to manage their progress. This means treatment can often begin right away, potentially quickening their recovery and return to work.

There is pricing for up to 50 employees and pricing for up to 100 employees

EAP and OH package premier supplier with quality standards of SEQOHS, ISO 9001 and Link Up