EAP for Charities

Charity Service

We are proud to work with many charities to provide a great value service in a sector where support for the employee and their family is important to continued wellbeing.

Through our experience we understand the difference between corporate bodies and that of a charitable organisation and can create programmes that fit you best.

Employee Assistance Programme for Charities works with large and small charities has given us unique insight in to the issues and how a good EAP design can help improve your employee support.

Housing Enterprises, Trusts and Associations

We know that Housing bodies can work in tough circumstances and employees need particular support.

Following a critical incident we supported both the employees and the tenants for one Trust and are now working on a project to support a whole neighbourhood. Call us for more information or complete the information form.

Focused on resolving everyday situations that affect work performance, an EAP gives your employees:

  • First class support for any issue confronting them
  • Immediate access to a free, confidential helpline
  • Face-to-face counselling with a trained counsellor (if required)
  • Unlimited access to information, guides and fact sheets

Healthy Charitable Employers

We are proud to be working with a range of charitable employers of choice who embrace wellbeing.

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