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At Enlighten our objective is to enable clients to quantify and improve upon the investment they make in their most important asset – their employees. Enlighten are recognised within the EAP industry as market leading providers of advice.

  • Over 200 corporate clients including Councils, NHS and charities.
  • A portfolio ranging from small owner-managed business to multi-national organisations
  • Administrative centre of excellence

Our highly experienced long serving team have extensive market knowledge. Our flexible, innovative approach, enables us to stay ahead of the game and provide high quality support and develop long terms relationships with our clients. Many of Enlighten’s clients have relationships with us extending for 10 years or more, confirmation of our ability to deliver.

At Enlighten we will serve you and:

  • Save you time researching different options
  • Understand how EAP fits with your business and HR strategy
  • Negotiate terms to get you the best value

An EAP is a workplace-focused programme to assist in the identifying and resolving employee concerns, which affect, or may affect, performance. Such employee concerns typically include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal matters – health, relationship, family, financial, emotional, legal, anxiety, alcohol, drugs and other related issues.
  • Work matters – work demands, fairness at work, working relationships, harassment and bullying, personal and interpersonal skills and work/life balance.

It includes a mechanism for providing counselling and other forms of assistance, advice and information to employees on a systematic and uniform basis, and to recognised standards.

An EAP is also a strategic intervention designed to produce organisational benefit – quantifiable by outcome measurement – through a systems-led approach to human asset management. It addresses team and individual performance and well being in the workplace.

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