EAP – Critical Incident Response

Critical Incident Response

Critical Incident Response services help you handle the impact of any workplace event that you believe may disrupt  your workforce due to psychological stress or trauma. Examples of critical incidents include:

  • Death of an employee
  • Industrial accidents
  • Workforce reduction
  • Natural disasters
  • Threats of violence or terrorism
  • Robberies
  • Suicide
  • Acts of violence

Incidents like these take a toll not only on individual employees, but on the organisation itself. Critical Incident Response service may reduce the impact of disability claims, absenteeism, presenteeism, employee turnover, low morale and diminished productivity.

Who to call

In the event that your workplace experiences a critical incident, you can call and speak with an Employee Assistance Consultant. The EAP will assess your situation, and help you develop an action plan that may include:

  • a communication to your employees about the event
  • on-site Critical Incident Response services
  • educational materials
  • an urgent EAP appointment, and other suggestions for supporting your employees.

The Employee Assistance Consultant can arrange for rapid-response counsellors to meet on-site with your employees.

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