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EAP Association

Enlighten are actively involved in the UK with EAPA. The Employee Assistance Programme Association develops high professional standards and is the biggest professional body of its type in Europe.

Enlighten is a EAPA UK member

The EAP Association is working on updating the current goals:

  • Organisational Effectiveness – to continuously improve EAPA’s organisational structure and resources to pursue its vision, achieve its mission, and fully satisfy the needs of its members.
  • Professional Ethics – to support the highest level of ethical practice among employee assistance professionals
  • Continuous professional Development – to continuously improve the competency and qualifications of employee assistance professionals
  • Strong Standards – to foster the highest level of employee assistance programme standards
  • Professional Recognition – to promote awareness and recognition of employee assistance programme benefits
  • Research and Information – to provide information and sponsor research on issues affecting the development of the field and its professionals.

We are happy to discuss our involvement and how that helps our clients, Enlighten and the wider market.


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