EAP companies

Buying from EAP companies

EAP providers have a number of approaches to pricing an EAP. When purchasing a programme it is important that you understand exactly how the cost of your EAP has been calculated. The most common approach to EAP pricing is to calculate charges on a ‘per capita’ basis that will enable the purchaser to source an EAP at a fixed cost. This rate is calculated on the expected (not actual) use of services. Potential purchasers should be aware that it is not always in a supplier’s interest to encourage a high level of use unless this is assumed from the outset, as they are likely, without such an assumption, to lose money on the contract. Another popular way to cost an EAP is to focus on ‘as used’ pricing. This method typically has core services, such as telephone counselling, work-life services and web-based services included as a fixed fee. Alongside this, all face-to-face counselling would be paid for as an additional sum, based on the volume used.

Alternative EAP solutions

Pricing EAPs ‘per call’ is another approach. Here there may be a set-up fee for the EAP, as well as additional costs for marketing and account management. On top of this, the purchaser would pay for any calls to the EAP at a set rate. This approach has the advantage that purchasers only pay for what they actually use, but the purchaser may be billed for activity that they assumed was delivered free of charge. Regardless of the pricing model for your EAP, you need to be fully aware of what is included. Some variables that you might choose to discuss with your provider include:

  • Marketing literature
  • Awareness training.
  • Management information.
  • Account management meetings
  • Web portal.

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