Employee feedback from EAP experiences

Employee feedback from EAP experiences

  I have been very happy with the help I have received from Claire. She has been very supportive and put me completely at ease. I really appreciated being able to access this service through my company.

  I feel more in control of my life than I have for years.

  I was unaware of this facility. I am sure other colleagues are in the same position. Could this service be advertised more openly?

  The issue I came for assistance with was personal and not work related yet in dealing with it my emotions at work have improved so much. This sis a great service which also makes me feel valued by my employer. Thank you.

  These sessions were excellent – I would definitely recommend this service as it has helped me more than I thought possible. In what seemed a very short period of time, Dani dramatically improved my state of mind. At the end I felt quietly jubilant.

 Saving me from time off work was not of paramount concern initially; however with continual support and insight into coping strategies I have re-discovered that I am the capable, confident individual I once thought I was.

  It is difficult to quantify how many days have been saved from taking days off work as the service received was as good as to wade above that feeling.

  Thank you for the introduction – I am amazed that 3 hours can change so much

  I am overwhelmed by the support I have received via this service. Firstly the access to the counselling via work I feel is superb, the fact it is confidential and even offered to staff in the first place is proof that I have a understanding and supportive employer. The EAP themselves were excellent, they were polite, understanding and caring. I was shocked how quickly my request was dealt with.

  I have been depressed for many years and on anti-depressants. I am now coming off these and am feeling great.

  The most difficult part was actually accepting I would benefit from the service. Once the call was made and the first session attended it became easier. I am very glad I took advantage of this service.

  This is the second time I have used the service, I have found it invaluable in assisting my being able to remain at work and do my job to a high standard. The situation has not changed and I have no influence over it. I do however exercise influence over how I cope with it.

  Was unable to work most days in previous situation. Wouldn’t hesitate to use the service again. Can’t believe the improvement in such a small time scale

  Particularly appreciated being able to access the service in the evening. This made attending regularly easier and not disruptive to working day. I was also more relaxed and open at the sessions.

  I didn’t know what to expect or indeed if my problems where significant to be using the service. I was reassured that this was a good option for me at this time and Sue was extremely pleasant, professional and understanding.


  I have tried many counselling services (Harley St, Mind, NHS) and this was by far the best therapist I have seen

  It is brilliant that this service exsists and is proved to people/employees. I am convinced that without it I would still not be well enough to work even now – It made all the difference

  In conjunction with support from work O/H department and group sessions I now feel much more positive about my situation.

  I was skeptical that the service could help me. However I have been very surprised as to how beneficial the service has been to my well being and my outlook’s much more positive.

  The career coaching has been invaluable.

  If I had not started receiving the counselling I would never have thought to visit my GP and my depression would have continued untreated.

  Very useful I was contacted for my first appointment within two days.

  The counselling room was a bit sparse, I was expecting some where more homely and comfortable. Initial contact by phone was very reassuring and comforting.

 Wider publicity/ awareness within the company that this service is available to employees may facilitate a more preventative health role.

 It is difficult to say how many days off have been saved. I have had two days off but feel this could have been considerably longer had I not fell able to cope with the situation.

 One of those company benefits you don’t appreciate at all until you actually need it- then it is invaluable.

  My daughter received bereavement counselling, this has helped her greatly and us as a family

  Using the service helped me to get back into full-time teaching. I have no idea how much longer this would have taken if I hadn’t used the service. I recognize that grief is uncertain process but I feel better equipped to deal with situation now, and can see that I’m making progress.

  This service saved me from waiting indefinitely on an NHS waiting list, which has definitely saved me from continuing on a downward spiral and ending up in a much worse position.

  I would recommend anyone to use this service preferably before they need to have sick time due to stress levels.

  This is the most helpful process that I have ever followed. Pat has really helped to turned my life around

  This is a very worthwhile and important service for us particularly when having to deal with bereavement and should not be restricted to a limited numbers of sessions,

 With out this service I strongly feel I would have declined to the point of having to take time off sick. This would have been long term sick-ie 2 weeks or even more. I feel I am in control now and would not let my situation go on to the point of having to take time off work/suicide.

  Its been a life saver!

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