Global Employee Assistance Programme

Global Employee Assistance Programme

24-7 global employee support

Through partners we can provide global EAP programmes. They offer confidential counselling and support in more than 170 countries to international assignees, expatriates, local nationals or to populations of multinational organizations.

All calls are live-answered by professionals qualified to provide support for work, personal and family challenges. A variety of EAP models are available, and all platforms provide tracking, reporting and centralised management reports. There are multilingual service delivery and promotion options.


Global EAP

Regional Centres for Global Support

Global employee support clients choose from a variety of service models to fit their needs and local variations. The services network with over 5,000 professional offering a full range of EAP services. Our providers support over 170 countries using regional locations that include:

  • USA
  • Australia
  • Canada
  • China
  • Europe
  • India
  • Latin America
  • South Africa
  • Europe
  • United Kingdom
  • Malta
  • Cyprus

Global Employee Management

Using a worldwide employee assistance programme gives central reporting by country. Online reports offer the choice of central and local access to judge the performance and outcome of the EAP.

Promoting the global EAP with local variations will be helped by language specific literature and posters. The on line web access and content together with the PDF documents in the home country language completes the comprehensive EAP packages available.

What next?

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